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We all get them, those pesky backaches. Sometimes they are just a bother and an aspirin will take care of them. Other times they are debilitating and only medical attention and prescriptions will solve the problem.

The Back Pain Help Site will feature what's new about backs and back pain, up to date news articles, medical studies, doctor information, alternative medicine, home remedies and more to help you help your backache.

Back Pain can be controlled by many methods. Deciding on what is right for you is up to you and your doctor. This website does not provide medical advice. Only a doctor can tell you what is wrong with your back and only a doctor can prescribe pain medicine and treatment.

Backaches are something I know about. I have been laid up for several weeks on my back wondering how did this happen to me. I can remember my first terrible back pain when I has about twelve years old. I had been playing tennis and learning to serve. Somehow I pulled a muscles or twisted my back and terrible pain.  My back would spasm on me and I would almost fall to the floor with pain.

Fortunately, I was able to recover from the early back problem and not have reoccurrences until I was much older.  Most of my problems did not start again until I was in my fifties. I also had a left hip problem from osteoarthritis that caused back and knee problems.  It seems that no matter where the problem in our bodies starts, the rest of the body parts are all connected and are affected too.

I have had bouts of sciatica, according to the doctors, that has put me in bed, flat on my back for days or weeks. The same back spasms will make me drop to the floor in pain that instantly gives me nausea and a cold sweat. I have had treatments from the chiropractor that did help a lot.  Not only did the chiropractor adjust my back and hip, but also gave me traction. An MRI indicated I had degenerated discs, but no protrusions. So for about ten years, the chiropractor seemed to be the answer.

I have to be very careful how I bend down and stand up again. If I don't support myself, I can end up with a back attack very quickly.  Just reaching for my toothbrush at the sink can throw my back out and cause me great pain. I am very careful to always sit in a chair with good back support. Sitting on a bar stool or picnic bench can start a back attack for me too.

I had my left hip resurfaced in March 2006. The operation is similar to a total hip replacement, but it is a modern version that does not cut off your femur bone. There are no restrictions to your activities after surgery. The surgeon told me that getting my hip replaced would lengthen my leg back to where it should be and eventually help my back problems.  Having hip or knee problems often cause back problems.

I have a large Patient to Patient website about Hip Resurfacing called Surface Hippy. It is very well used since people are looking for information and options for hip replacement. It is not supported by any medical manufactures or companies, so the information is not biased. So I thought a similar patient to patient website about Back Pain would also be a great resource for people. A place to read about what is new, medical studies, articles and other information.

So that is why I have started The Back Pain Help Site - a place to learn and share information about back pain.

Patricia Walter


Back Pain can be controlled by many methods.
Deciding on what is right for you is up to you and your doctor.
This website does not provide medical advice.
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